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Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED online version of the USS Quantum Downlink.

"The USS Quantum is a Star Trek and Science Fiction Fan Club, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Our membership consist of a wide variety of people, from students, professionals and the professionally unemployed."

"These web pages serve as a gathering place for our members, contain an archive of past newsletters, and are portals to other dimensions... uh... no wait, that's not it... they are the means by which you can introduce yourself to our club and find out a little about us."

  - Jeff Thompson, Ship's Captain

Latest News
11/10/2003-Moved to new host. Thanks Drew!
01/07/2003-Doing some cosmetic cleanup.
04/21/2002-Made some pages password protected so that non-members can't access them.
01/12/2002-Updated files including party list
07/07/2000-Some minor cleanup
01/07/2000-All pages are now non-framed (thanks to SSI code). Also fixed the e-mail address.
01/06/2000-Added some stuff on the Library Computer page
12/27/1999-Updated the Landing Parties page
12/26/1999-Updated to new format (FINALLY!)

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